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1 Month of StrongHer

Next group Begins December 2nd

StrongHer is a monthly fitness program with original workouts designed to get your body working, inspire, educate, and encourage you to not only become stronger physically, but mentally too. Every month includes completely new workouts to keep things interesting and fun. You will be emailed the daily workouts, challenges, educational articles, recipes, fit tips and have the option to join a PRIVATE online forum via Facebook.

This is for one month only, but you can join again the following month.

One on One Coaching

Coincides with the StrongHer program

With the One on One StrongHer Coaching you will receive everything in the StrongHer program along with one on one accountability with Torie to help you stay committed to fitness, reach your goals, change your lifestyle, and all while having fun. 

4 Week StrongHer

Body Weight Program

Choose your start date

Kick start your health with the Torie Lin Fitness Body Weight Program. You will build total body strength, enhance cardiovascular endurance, gain muscular definition, lose weight, improve health, and increase energy all while using only your body weight. 

No equipment needed.

One on One Social Media Mentorship

One Month--Pick Your Start Date

Coming Soon!

StrongHer Beginnings

Choose your start date

StrongHer Beginnings is a 6 week program and the best place to start if you are new to working out, or just getting back into it. You will be guided through each workout and given a ton of information to help you begin your healthy lifestyle journey. 

StrongHer beginnings is a stepping stone to build your strength, endurance, and education before moving on to StrongHer