Is there an option for a non-recurring plan?

Yes.You can join Rise Lite. You will make a one time payment and would have to sign up again for any previous months. Keep in mind that Rise Lite is for the workouts only.

Does Rise offer full length workouts or just demonstration videos?

You will actually receive both! Whichever you prefer is available to you.

Can I register for the Rise membership and cancel?

Yes. Just be sure to cancel before you are billed for the following month. Another option would be signing up for Rise Lite, which is one month only.

What type of workouts are in your membership?

If you were previously in StrongHer or The Renew Project, than the workouts will be very similar to those. This includes a combonation of strength workouts (lower and upper), HIIT, core, full body, and interval cardio. You will also receive active recovery workouts, warm ups and cool downs. If you are joining the full Rise membership than you will have access to the on-demand workouts that include kickboxing cardio, pilates, stretching, drumstick routines, jump rope and more!

What is the differnce between Rise and Rise Lite?

With Rise you have an all access to pass within the Rise Tribe Membership. This includes the monthly programmed workouts AND an on-demand workouts option. You also the NEW Rise Kickstart path available to you, which is the perfect place to start if you're a beginner or need a slower start. You will also receive monthly educational and teaching videos, recipes, devotionals, and more. You will also be automatically renewed monthly. Rise Lite is a limited membership which includes workouts only. You will still receive full length workouts along with demo videos, however, the teaching content is limited. In Rise Lite you will receive 1 month of workouts and would have to register again for any following months.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment if I sign up?

No. You can cancel at any point by going into your account settings on the website. If you have any trouble, simply email us at: torielinfitness@gmail.com

Still have questions?

Click here to send an email and we will be happy to answer any questions that we may have missed!