Why You Should Ditch The Scale

August 11, 2016

So many people rely on the scale to determine their happiness or to measure their worth. I see it time and time again where someone is trying to get fit or lose weight so they get on the scale everyday, don't see the number drop, get discouraged, and quit. That's not a way to live! Once I ditched the scale I've become a much happier, healthier, and believe it or not, leaner me.


But before you get the wrong message I want to say one thing. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then the scale can be a good guide to track your progress. But if you are someone who is struggling to lose those last 5-10 pounds or is constantly checking the scale, then get rid of it!


Now that I've cleared the air, here are a few reason why I think you should throw away the scale!


The scale is a big fat liar!

Picture this; you are eating clean, exercising, taking all the right steps to get healthy, so you get on the scale and it says you've gained a pound! What?! Meanwhile, your pants feel loose, you have more energy, and are sleeping better. Why in the world would you quit now just because the scale says a bigger number than you want? That number is not going to tell you how healthy you are, or what your blood pressure is. It's just going to spit out a number that we've determined good or not.

That number also fluctuates depending on what you've ate, the time of day, or if you are retaining water or not, so it's really not a good judge. 


Muscle is more dense than fat.

You've heard the saying "muscle weighs more than fat". Well, that is false. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. A pound is a pound, but muscle is more dense than fat meaning it takes up less room. 


So, for someone wanting to lose fat and gain muscle, they may end up weighing the same as they did with more body fat, but they will be a lot leaner. Take me for an example. I only weigh about 10 pounds less in a size 4 than I did in a size 10/12. Why? Because, I have lean muscle mass (which takes up less room in my clothes), and not bulky fat filling out my clothes.




The number can be a poor motivator. 

If you're looking at the scale everyday, and its not moving in the direction you want it to, you can get discouraged. You start to question what you are doing? You may get discouraged, and many times give up throwing away all that progress you've made.

It's not motivating to see you're weight stay the same but, if you start to judge your progress on how you feel, or how your clothes fit you will notice these changes a lot sooner, and it will keep you motivated to keep going.


You'll learn to rely on other things to track your progress.

The number on the scale may not be budging, but your fitness level could be improving. Before you may have only been able to do 5 push-ups, but now you can do 8. That's progress! The number on the scale will not tell you how fit you are, so find other ways to motivate you or track your progress like how you feel, how much energy you have, and if you are making healthy choices. The scale will not tell you if you had a cheeseburger or if you had veggies that day. You will feel the difference in your energy levels by what you are eating and if you are exercising. 


You'll feel happier

because you are not being a slave to the scale and you're not relying on it to determine your happiness. You will hopefully start to realize that your happiness is not determined by a number. 


You'll find out what your natural weight is. 

Many people pick a number and live and die by that number. If they don't hit it, they get discouraged, or even depressed. In reality you may not be built to be that certain number. If you are eating healthy and exercising, your body will naturally find it's healthy weight. 

I know that I will never be 110 pounds, unless I was like 1% body fat, because that is not the way I was built. Which leads me to the next point:


You're healthy weight will look different than someone else's.

We compare ourselves to others and strive to be the same weight them, but we were all not made the same. Your height, body structure, and bone mass all come together to determine your weight. You can't choose how you are created, but you can decide to be the best you were meant to be, and take care of the body you were given. A person who is 6ft tall and 15% body fat is not going to weigh the same as someone who is 5ft and 15% body fat. Your differences don't make you bad or wrong. It's just the way you were made. Learn to accept the skin your in.


You'll stop comparing.

You won't know your what your weight is therefore you won't be able to compare that number to those around you. 



Heres a challenge for you--I want you to put away your scale and determine your health by how you feel (do you have energy, do you sleep well, do you feel good overall?), what you are putting in your body, how your clothes fit, and if you are getting in some sort of physical activity everyday. You will find you are so much happier when you aren't constantly judging yourself by a number on a scale.










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