6 Ways To Cut Calories This Week

September 19, 2016


Cut back on juicing.

Juicing veggies is quite alright. Most people need more veggies their diets, but juicing fruit can be tricky. Fruit juice is way higher in sugar and you are more prone to consume more calories juicing than you would by just eating a meal. Eat your fruit. Juice the veggies.


Watch your portions. You may think your portions are ok, but have you measured them lately? You are more likely to eat extra calories by not controlling your portion sizes. You can use a food scale to weight your food, use portion control plates/cups, or try using a smaller plate. It will look like you are filling your plate because the size is significantly smaller, and the portion size will be way less than if you were to fill a big plate.


Slow down. 

No, not your daily activity, but the speed in which you eat. I am guilty of eating way too fast. When you inhale your food (like me) your mind does not have time to tell your body that you are full, therefore you keep eating. Slow down so that your mind can catch up and tell your body when you are full. Try putting your utensil down between each bite, or take a sip of water after every couple of bites.


 Skip happy hour.

Change your social gathering habits to healthier ones. Instead of meeting friends for dinner and drinks, try meeting up for a yoga class, or go for a walk. Once in a while it is ok to have a drink or go out to dinner, but try to keep it to the 80/20 rule.






 If you sleep better, you live better. 


Researchers at the University of Chicago found that those who were well rested felt less hungry when they got more sleep.

"Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sectors of the brain," Dr. Rapoport says. "When you are sleepy, certain hormones go up in your blood, and those same hormones drive appetite."


Snack wiser.

Fat (the good ones), fiber, and nutrients are all key components to snacking well. They will help you feel fuller longer and keep you from snacking too much through out the day. Try eating a handful of nuts in between meals, or an apple with natural peanut butter. Avocados are great for snacking on too!


I hope these simple, yet effective tips will help you in your journey to becoming the healthier and happier you!

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