Jump Rope Workout for Beginning and Intermediate Jumpers

November 25, 2016

By Dave Hunt



Through all the fitness trends and fads, jumping rope continues to have a reputation as one of the best conditioning exercises you can include in your workouts.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people are worried that it’s too hard and they’re not coordinated enough to do it.

Do you jump rope in your current exercise routine?

If you already know how to jump, check out the fun and challenging workouts below that you can supercharge with a weighted rope.

If you don’t jump yet, we’re going to teach you how to get started and how to speed up your learning pace with weighted ropes!

If you are a beginner, learning how to jump rope can take some patience. But if you take the right approach, it will become one of the most fun, effective, and rewarding exercises in your arsenal.



Quick Notes on Jump Rope Technique


Before we get into the workouts, I want to share some valuable technique tips that you can practice during your next jump rope session:

  • Position your hands with 9-12 inches of your hip bone and aligned with your body on each side.  Focus on rotating the rope with your wrists, not your elbows or shoulders.

  • Use a properly sized rope. Step on the rope with one foot and pull the handles up toward your shoulder. The top of the handles should be approximately at shoulder height. Watch this video for detailed instructions.

  • Rotate the rope slowly at first. Bound only once per rotation. Jumping twice per rotation (the double hop) will limit your future progress because you won’t be able to increase the speed of the rope without tripping.

  • Using a weighted rope makes it significantly easier to learn timing and rhythm as a beginner because of the added rope feedback. A weighted rope, like the ones we have at Crossrope, should be at least ½ Lb in weight or more with the weight in the rope, not the handles.


Ready to get started with your workouts? Let’s do it.



Getting Started with Jump Rope Workouts


Now that you’ve got some of the basic jump rope technique elements down, the first beginner workout is about gaining confidence and consistency.

This jump rope workout is just the right amount of challenge for a new jumper or anyone practicing technique.



In each short set, try to miss as little as possible.

If you do miss, it’s fine. It’s part of the learning process. Just continue jumping until you complete the total number for each set. The short rest intervals will keep your heart rate elevated so that you’re getting a workout even while you learn.

If you’re able to get through the first 3 sets with very few misses, increase the pace on sets 4 and 5.

Now, if you’re still pretty new to jumping, but are able to string together jumps and breeze through the sets above, your next goal is to complete a workout with consistent intervals.


Try this:

This 7-minute workout is quick, effective, and super fun for a new jumper.  

Anyone can learn to jump rope. And once you do, it’s a powerful exercise that has countless fitness benefits, no matter what your training goals are.



Jump Rope Workouts for Experienced Jumpers


If you already have experience jumping rope though and the workouts above look too easy, here is a 15 minute high intensity routine that uses different tempos to keep your heart rate elevated and provide amazing cardiovascular benefits if you do it a few times a week.

Here’s how to do it:

  • 3 minute set: Jump at an aggressive pace, but one that you can sustain for the entire set. Ideally, target between 150-180 RPM (rotations per minute) or about 3 rotations per second for reference. You can also mix in 2-3 skills to improve coordination and agility.

  • 30 second set: Stop jumping but continue to swing your rope side to side to keep your body moving. As an alternative, you can try adding a bodyweight exercise like a plank.

  • 1 minute set: Jump at maximum effort. If you are able to perform the alternate foot step (think running in place), or a high intensity skill like double unders, perform those for as much of the interval as you can

  • Note: if you would like to incorporate double unders into this workout, take a look at our DU tutorial where we teach you how to do double unders.

  • 30 second rest: You can perform side swings if you want, but otherwise just rest to get ready for the next round.

When you complete these sets, repeat for 2 more rounds as shown below.



If you want to see what this workout looks like, you can check out a quick video demonstration here.


Bonus: if you want to further increase the difficulty of this workout and add an upper body strength component, use a 1Lb or 2Lb weighted rope to complete the workout.


Now go grab your rope and let me know what you think of the workout!



About the Author:

Dave Hunt is the creator of the innovative Crossrope training system. If you’d like to learn more about Crossrope, check out our weighted rope system. If you would like to get more jump rope tips, we’ve got the complete beginner’s guide to jump rope training where you can learn how to jump rope like a pro.


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