How to Get Motivated

February 4, 2017


1. Have a real life reward. Sure, feeling good and looking good is a great reward, but what about something tangible. What about setting out a money jar where you deposit a dollar every time you work out. Then at the end of the month you take that money and go buy yourself something new like workout clothes or something you've been wanting. 


2. Get a great playlist. Having a motivating music really helps me get in the mood to work out. I put the music on really loud to pump me up for the workout. I also like to change up the music so I don't get bored. You can find my Spotify playlist Here.


3. Just start. If you really don't feel like working out, put on your workout clothes and just promise yourself to do at least 5-10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you still don't feel like working out then you can give yourself permission to stop, but more than likely after 10 minutes you will want to finish the work out. Trust me, not every workout is perfect, but as long as you get it done, remind yourself tomorrow is a new day and try harder next time.


4. Remember how good you feel. It may be hard to start, and it may suck at the time, but afterwards you always feel good. I don't think I've ever met someone who regretted a workout.


5. Which leads me to, think about your progress or the change your body is making. One thing that keeps me going is looking back at old pictures and seeing how far I've come. Why give up now when I've come this far? Why throw away all my progress for a brief moment of laziness? Do I want to go back to my old habits? Do I want to be healthy for my family? Of course! I'm not stopping now.


6. Make exercise a part of your every day life. Exercise just like eating and sleeping to me. I don't feel right without it. It's become second nature now. I don't obsess over it just like I don't obsess over my food, but it is a necessity in my life. But remember, it did take me a while to get to that point, so don't get discouraged if you're not there yet.


7. Get a workout buddy or an accountability partner. I created the StrongHer program for a reason...ACCOUNTABILITY. Yes, you are getting great workouts. Yes, you are learning new tips and tricks, but one of the biggest reasons people com back is for the accountability. You can also find a close knit accountability partner. Look for someone who can reach out to you, be honest, and make sure you are staying on track. They don't have to be physically present to be an accountability partner (thank goodness for FaceTime, right?)


8. Surround yourself with motivation. Follow motivating people online, read motivational quotes, or call of a friend to give you a word of encouragement. Sometimes just reading an encouraging post can turn your mood around. I love watching videos of girls kicking butt on Instagram, because it makes me want to push myself and kick butt too.


9. Think about your why. Is it to be healthy for your kids, and family? Is it to have a better quality of life? Is it to stop the cycle of heart diseases in your family? Or maybe to honor the body God has given you and glorify Him through it? Whatever your reason may be, think about it and get started. We dig a little deeper with this in the StrongHer getting Started guide, but you can have a why right now.


10. Don't forget to give yourself some grace. We all go through valleys. We all have our lows, but don't stay there. Forgive yourself if you've slacked and try to implement the above tips to get back on your healthy lifestyle journey.


And there you have it. If you need help staying motivated, check out my StrongHer Challenge



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