Purchasing Your First Kettlebell

October 27, 2017



Kettlebells allow for dynamic, compound movements that provide a whole-body workout that is far superior to the stationary equipment found at your local gym. As kettlebells return to popularity as  functional strength and endurance training equipment, many people ask us: “What size kettlebell should I buy when starting out?” We’ve created this helpful guide that will hopefully show you where to start. 




If you are new to kettlebell training, we often recommend that you purchase a 35-pound (or 16-kilogram) kettlebell. The 35-pound bell is usually the right weight for the average guy, and it allows you to build strength while learning the proper form and the correct movements before graduating to a heavier bell. For guys who routinely bench press over 200 pounds, we recommend that you start with a 53-pound (or 24-kilogram) kettlebell. After about six months, you may wish to move up in size again, depending on the specifics of your workout regimen. If you are serious about incorporating kettlebells into your routine, you may consider purchasing a set, which is ultimately much more convenient and cost-effective. 





If you have not performed workouts with kettlebells in the past, or if you are new to strength and endurance training in general, we recommend that you start with an 18-pound (or 8-kilogram) kettlebell. This weight is perfect for beginners who have not used kettlebells in the past and is light enough to learn the proper form before graduating to a more substantial weight. If you have experience with weight-lifting and believe that you are immediately ready for an intermediate weight, you may choose to start off with a 26-pound (or 12-kilogram) weight. Kettlebell training is remarkably accessible and practical for beginners and more advanced lifters and provides an efficient, whole-body workout.



Kettlebell Kings is based in Austin, Texas and offers high quality kettlebells as well as tons of free content to read and learn about kettlebells on our blog. Kettlebell Kings was the first company to offer Free Shipping and Lifetime Warranty on all kettlebells. We also create free, weekly workouts you can sign up to receive in your email in box here. 


Thanks Kettlebell Kings for this great information. Check them out at kettlebellkings.com

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