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One month progress from a StrongHer challenger!



"Torie is a "real" person who is honest, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She shares her struggles with the rest of us and truly wants to see others succeed in their goals while trying to reach hers as well. I love that she gives the glory to God for her ability and makes me realize that God has given me this one body to take care of and I don't want to waste it. I'm in my 2nd round of StrongHer and I'm actually looking forward to the workouts because I'm seeing results in my body! I'm learning not to worry so much about the scale going down and taking notice with how different I feel; areas are getting tighter and clothes are fitting better. I'm also seeing that StrongHer is not just about physical strength, but mental. Her workouts push me far beyond what I thought I could do and her inspiration keeps me going throughout the week when making food choices. She motivates you and provides challenging workouts to push you out of your comfort zone and really change your body. The accountability group and having Torie available to answer questions is wonderful, from the recipe ideas to knowing I'm not the only one struggling with those pesky push ups. Thank you Torie for your dedication and desire."



"I highly recommend Torie's StrongHer program. She is so accessible and knowledgeable and really cares about helping make women feel good in their own skin. I've struggled with body image issues my entire life and for the first time ever, I'm liking what I see. A lot of that is because of the physical transformation that Torie's workout are causing, but a large portion is also the mental transformation. StrongHer is not just about lifting weights and getting your heart rate up, it's about getting your mind in a good place to help make health and fitness a lifestyle. I used to work out because I felt like I needed to, now I look forward to the workouts every day and to challenging and pushing myself in ways I never dreamed possible. Thank you, Torie!"



"I have learned with the help from Torie that this isn't a quick fix diet, but a learned lifestyle and if you really want this it can be accomplished! It takes some sacrifices and is a challenge, but in all honesty it's worth it!!!!
The reward is greater than some cash at the end. The real reward is a physical, mental and spiritual stronger you!!! Since using Torie's workouts and eating clean I've emotionally felt more level, physically I've gained strength that I feel and can see (I feel great and love what I see in the mirror), and spiritually this new drive I have to exercise and eat healthy has only pushed me closer to my maker God. In my Christian walk I know that a spiritually healthy heart is more important than my physical appearance, so I'm challenged to press inward and grow spiritually stronger as well! Torie's account and website is clean! Meaning it's not flesh focused! I feel comfortable if my kids are looking at her account or the website. There are so many accounts and website out there fitness focused, but the women are in bikinis and breast and butts are popping out! So I appreciate the integrity of Tories page!"



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