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Home Gym Tour and Equipment

I am so over the moon with how the shed transformation turned out! It was definitely a labor of love, and took a bit longer than we had hoped, but it has been worth it.

Many of us enjoy working out at home, or even have the aspiration to build a home gym. I think that's great. I haven't been a member of a gym in over 10 years! Once I started having babies, I quit the gym and starting collect equipment and created a space to reach my goals from home.

This journey began in my living room right beside my newborn. I would put her in a bouncy seat and move for as long as she would allow.

I eventually began buying dumbbells and more equipment, so I set up a tiny corner of my garage and used what I had.

As I navigated 2 more pregnancies, I learned more about fitness, fueling my body, lifting, which ultimately led me to become a trainer. I wanted to help other women feel as good as I did. But with this came a dream. A dream to transform my garage (or in time we decided to get a shed) into a beautiful workout space that I could teach from. And now God has evolved this dream to be bigger and more audacious than I could have ever originally imagined.

So we bought a 12x24 foot shed and decided to transform it into this space. A space to teach online, and in a couple months welcome people face to face. I pray that no matter who joins me virtually, or steps in this building will leave feeling loved, seen, and set free by Christ. That is the ultimate goal; to feel well, move well, and be free.

Ok, so now for what you came here for... all the deets on equipment, flooring, mirrors, etc.

The pictures below are clickable and if possible, will take you to the link of where I purchased. I'll include any discount codes as well for those who may want to save some money.

Remember, you do not need all of this equipment to successfully workout at home. However, I know many of you are working on building a home gym and want resources to work toward that.

12x 24 shed from a local shed company.

Foam Mats I used in our garage from Amazon

Dry Erase Board----Peg Board

Both from Home Depot but I can't find them online. They are located with the fiberboard sheets (in the wood section) and are about $8-$10 each.

Pink Bumper Plates {Sold out}

{Code TorieLinFitness}

Misc. things that are not pictured:

Of course, as we continue to grow (and weights come back in stock) we will be adding more to the gym. It's been hard trying to buy equipment this last year because everything has been sold out, but we are being patient in the process.

A big thank you to my clients for being so patient with through this process. You've feared with me through the process and I'm so thankful for you and your continued support!

Now let's go crush it together!


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